Low Profile Dinghy Davit System

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The Ideal Tender Lift

Tired of struggling to lift your heavy dinghy or dealing with a complicated davit system? As an avid boater, you need functional equipment you can trust. Not to mention, simple and efficient systems that make your life easier on the water.

With the revolutionary Hide-A-Davit system, you can simply use a remote control to raise and lower your tender. This dinghy davit system is compact, easy to use, and can be customized to your boat. Best of all, it leaves ample room for you to enjoy your swim platform. Say goodbye to unreliable, clunky, and heavy davit systems that take up platform space. Get the most out of your boating lifestyle with the Hide-A-Davit.

Hide-A-Davit Dinghy Lift System

  • All system hardware mounts underneath the swim platform 
  • Swim platform is free of hardware and ropes when lift is lowered
  • Stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials used throughout 
  • 650-pound lift capacity
  • Wireless remote control system 
  • System weight is 235 pounds 
  • 12V or 24V DC hydraulic power pack

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With all the davit options available, the Hide-A-Davit system offers high-quality, revolutionary technology, at an affordable price. Get the most out of your dinghy and boating experience with the Hide-A-Davit lift system.

Simple & Compact Design

Built without complicated hardware to obstruct your swim platform the Hide-A-Davit system has fewer moving parts in comparison to other systems.

Easy Operation

Remote control operation and assist lines make launching and retrieving your dinghy simple and straightforward.

High-Quality Materials

The Hide-A-Davit is constructed out of marine-grade stainless steel and aluminum to withstand corrosion and sea conditions.

Space For Your Swim Platform

All the Hide-A-Davit hardware is mounted underneath your swim platform, leaving the space completely clear when in the lowered position.

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La Conner Maritime

Established in 1993, La Conner Maritime offers high-quality marine solutions for boating enthusiasts. The Hide-A-Davit system was designed by an avid boater from Bellingham, WA, and is manufactured by La Conner Maritime Service in Mount Vernon, WA, USA.