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Experience the Hide-A-Davit. A revolutionary davit system that allows boat owners to lift their dinghies with the push of a button. Our davit system boasts a simple yet functional design that fits many types of boats and tenders. Simplify getting your dinghy in and out of the water with the Hide-A-Davit!

The Hide-A-Davit system features a compact and robust design made from marine-grade stainless steel and aluminum. Our davit system consists of removable cradle arms powered by two hydraulic cylinders, to securely pull your dinghy up over the swim platform. When lowered, your swim platform is clear of ropes and hardware that can be annoying and hazardous. With the Hide-A-Davit system, there is no need to remove outboard motors and fuel tanks, relieving you of wasted time and energy.

The Hide-A-Davit comes with straps and lock pins to secure the tender and lock the lift when raised. Not only will our davit system give you peace of mind that your tender is secured, but provide you with convenient ease of use out on the water.

Hide-A-Davit Dinghy Davit System


Hide-A-Davit System Features

Designed to keep your swim platform clear for optimal use

  • All system hardware mounts underneath the swim platform
  • Swim platform is free of hardware and ropes when lift is lowered
  • Stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials used throughout
  • 650-pound lift capacity
  • Wireless remote control system
  • System weight is 235 pounds
  • 12V or 24V DC hydraulic power pack
  • Keeps dinghy level and secure
  • Can be installed on boats with outdrive and pod-type propulsion
  • Compatible with tenders up to about 12 feet in length and 30 horsepower
  • Best suited for vessels over 30 feet in length
  • Local Washington installation
  • Straightforward installation with included instructions

Why Hide-A-Davit?

Customized Installation

We work with you to figure out the appropriate system application for your vessel and tender. Our team is happy to assist you with a customized installation if needed.

Easy To Use System

Simply click your wireless remote control to raise or lower the lift system. Push-button remote controls are included in your standard Hide-A-Davit kit.

Powerful and Reliable Operation

Our dinghy davit system has a 650-pound lift capacity, making it powerful enough to lift various types of dinghies. Lifting power is supplied by a 12V or 24V DC hydraulic power pack.

Simplistic Design

The Hide-A-Davit cradles your tender securely when in the raised position, yet leaves the swim platform completely clear of hardware in the lowered position. Once lowered, the cradle arms make convenient places to dock your tender while anchored or moored, and can be used to aid in getting in and out of the tender while it’s in the water.

Corrosion Resistant and Low Maintenance

All hardware is made from marine-grade materials and mounted underneath the swim platform, with stainless steel used extensively for structural components. Standard cradle arms are powder coated aluminum with a stainless steel connecting elbow.

Optional DIY Installation

Contact us if you are an interested in discussing a DIY installation. Completing the installation requires installing hardware on the exterior of your boat below the waterline, and basic DC electrical and hydraulic system connections.

Maximize Your Swim Step With The Hide-A-Davit System

Ordering Information

Our Hide-A-Davit dinghy lift system fits many different swim platform configurations. To determine how the lift will mount on your vessel, please download and fill out the application guide that best matches your vessel. A picture or two of the swim platform on your vessel may also help.

Bolt-On Swim Platforms

Molded Swim Platforms


Installation manual

We are happy to help you determine which mounting configuration will work best for your type of boat and tender.

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